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Detective Conan/Case Closed/Meitantei Conan

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summary from :
Shinichi Kudo is a high school student who, by using observation and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and forced to take an experimental drug. Leaving him for dead, the criminals disappear. Instead of killing him, however, the drug turns Shinichi into a little kid. To preserve the illusion of his 'disappearance', Shinichi adopts a new name based on his favorite author (Arthur Conan Doyle) and becomes Conan Edogawa. Ran, his (actually Shinichi's) childhood friend takes this little boy under her wing and brings him to her home. Conan now lives at a detective agency run by Ran's father, but his mind is as keen as ever and he continues to solve mysteries...always allowing Ran's father to take all the credit. As far as everyone's concerned, Conan is just a little kid anyway...even to Ran. This is *extremely* frustrating to Conan since nobody will listen to a 'little boy'. In spite of this, Conan has a find the criminals who did this to him and get the antidote to that drug.

Released in: 1994
Author(s):  AOYAMA Gosho
Artist(s):  AOYAMA Gosho
Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance Shounen
Status: Ongoing

The last chapter that i have read was 785 so I guess that would be the latest chapter that was released onlne. And im proud to tell that im one of the people who uploads the latest chapter of detective conan. It was my favorite anime and manga. Since 2010 i've never missed any episode of this manga/anime.

latest chapter :

Synopsis from
Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective whom people call the "Modern Sherlock Holmes." However, one night after a date with his childhood sweetheart, Ran, Shinichi witnessed an illegal trade and, caught off his guard, was knocked unconscious and fed a drug that was supposed to kill him... but he woke up and found himself shrunken to a seven year-old. In order to track down the men who did this to him, Shinichi hid his identity and lived with Ran, whose father happened to be a hopeless detective, and with that came a series of murders and mysteries that he must solve.

It has 607  episode from .



The series revolves around Shinichi Kudo and his "child version", Conan Edogawa as well as his best friend Ran Mouri and her father Kogoro.
Picture Name English Name Role
Shinichi Kudo Jimmy Kudo Main character of the series. He was shrunk into a child after being forced to take a poison, called APTX 4869, created by the Black Organization.
Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa "Child" version of Shinichi. He's after the Black Organization to regain his original body. The show follows his journey and the different cases he encounters along the way.
Ran Mouri Rachel Moore Shinichi's childhood friend, and main love interest. She doesn't know Conan's real identity. She's the one taking care of him along with her dad, Kogoro.
Kogoro Mouri Richard Moore Private eye and Ran's father. Separated from Eri Kisaki, Ran's mother.

 Detective Boys

The Detective Boys are called "The Junior Detective League" in the English version of the show. Notably, the Detective Boys are the only people that see the bowtie in action who aren't suspicious about Conan's identity. They have seen Conan use the bowtie, and even caught Conan using the bowtie to solve the case.
Picture Name English Name Role
Ayumi Yoshida Amy Yeager Member of the Detective Boys. She likes Conan.
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Mitch Tennison Member of the Detective Boys. Has a crush on Ayumi and Ai. One of the most intelligent in the Detective Boys. He is great when it comes to science and logic.
Genta Kojima George Kaminski Member of the Detective Boys. Has a crush on Ayumi. Always saying he is the leader of Detective Boys. He loves to eat, especially eel rice.
Ai Haibara Vi Graythorn (movies)
Anita Hailey (manga)
Member of the Detective Boys. Former Black Organization Member Codename "Sherry", real name "Shiho Miyano", she invented APTX 4869.

 Family & Friends

Picture Name English Name Role
Yusaku Kudo Booker Kudo Shinichi's father. A famous author that is well-known in both America and Japan.
Yukiko Kudo Vivian Kudo Shinichi's mother. A retired actress, she can disguise well and can mimic voices without a voice changer.
Eri Kisaki Eva Kadan Ran's mother, a very successful attorney. Married to, but currently living separately from Kogoro Mouri.
Hiroshi Agasa Herschel Agasa Professor who creates gadgets for Conan to use and the best friend of Yusaku Kudo.
Sonoko Suzuki Serena Sebastian Ran's best friend. Youngest daughter of the wealthy Suzuki family.
Heiji Hattori Harley Hartwell Shinichi's rival detective and best friend from Osaka. Known as "the Great Detective of the West". He's also a trained Kendo martial artist.
Kazuha Toyama Kirsten Thomas (anime)
Kazuha Toyama (manga)
Katrina Tolliver (video game)
Katie Thompson (card game)
Heiji's best friend since childhood and love interest. She is also a trained Aikido martial artist.
Makoto Kyogoku Makoto Kyogoku Sonoko Suzuki's boyfriend, and a karate champion that has been admire by Ran.
Sumiko Kobayashi Liz Faulkner Conan's homeroom teacher and Inspector Shiratori's girlfriend. Also the self-proclaimed manager of the Detective Boys.
Tomoaki Araide Tomoaki Araide Ran's doctor, and a high school basketball coach. He was once impersonated by Vermouth.
Eisuke Hondou Eisuke Hondou Ran and Sonoko's classmate, whom Conan finds suspicious. Is later discovered to be looking for his sister, Hidemi and want to follow the footstep of his father and sister to be a CIA agent.
Subaru Okiya Subaru Okiya A person currently living in Shinichi's house, whom Haibara suspects is a member of the Black Organization. Often assists the Detective Boys and Conan on cases.
Azusa Enomoto Azusa Enomoto A kind worker at the coffee shop that is right under the Mouri Detective Agency, who sometimes has a case that she wants Kogoro to solve.
Asami Tsuburaya Asami Tennison Mitsuhiko's older sister.
Midori Kuriyama Midori Kuriyama Eri Kisaki's secretary.
Genji Kojima Genji Kaminski Genta's dad, a true "Edokko" (child of Tokyo).

 Law Enforcement

 Tokyo Metropolitan Police District

Picture Name English Name Rol
Juzo Megure Joseph Meguire Inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.
Wataru Takagi Harry Wilder (anime/movies)
Detective Takagi (manga)
Police officer who works with Inspector Megure. Currently involved with Detective Sato.
Miwako Sato Detective Saimone (movies)
Miwako Sato (manga)
Female police officer who works with Inspector Megure. Currently involved with Detective Takagi
Ninzaburo Shiratori Nicholas Santos Police inspector who works with Inspector Megure. Originally Detective Takagi's rival for Sato's affection, he is currently involved with Sumiko Kobayashi.
Yumi Miyamoto Yumi Miyamoto A traffic enforcer and Detective Sato's best friend who is a compulsive tease.
Officer Chiba Officer Chiba Police officer who often works with Inspector Megure.
Ginzo Nakamori Mace Fuller Police inspector for Division 2 who is obsessed with capturing Kaitou Kid.
Shintaro Chaki Bernie Biggers Superintendent of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division 2.
Officer Tome Officer Tome CSI officer who often works with Inspector Megure. Considered one of the top CSI officers in the district.
Kiyonaga Matsumoto Kiyonaga McLaughlin The chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and Megure's superior.
Toshiro Odagiri Superintendent Osterman Police HQ Chief Superintendent
Masayoshi Sato Masayoshi Sato Miwako Sato's father and the chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, died in the line of duty.
Jinpei Matsuda Jinpei Matsuda Miwako Sato's old partner and love interest, died in the line of duty defusing a bomb.
Inspector Yuminaga Inspector Yuminaga The head inspector of the arson squad, and Kogoro's former superior.

Osaka Police District

Picture Name English Name Role
Goro Otaki Inspector Odin Osaka Inspector, very close to Heiji.
Detective Toyama Chief Thomas Kazuha's father, and a detective for the Osaka District.
Heizo Hattori Martin Hartwell Heiji's father, and the police chief for the Osaka District.

[edit] Other police districts

Picture Name English Name Role
Sango Yokomizo Inspector Worthington Inspector from the Shizuoka district, known for his gruff personality.
Misao Yamamura Inspector Mangum Detective from the Gunma district, albeit a not very good one. Is later promoted to head Inspector in Gunma.
Jugo Yokomizo Jugo Worthington Sango's twin brother, also an inspector from Kanagawa district. He is not as easygoing as his brother.
Kansuke Yamato Kansuke Yamato Inspector from the Nagano district, partially disabled after surviving an avalanche.
Yui Uehara Yui Uehara Yamato's former partner who has recently returned to the force.
Fumimaro Ayanokoji Fumimaro Ayanokoji Police inspector and detective from Kyoto.
Ayami Ogino Ayami Ogino Police inspector from Saitama.
Taka'aki Morofushi (Koumei) Taka'aki Morofushi Police inspector from Nagano. Childhood friend and rival of Inspector Yamato.
Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno Police detective from Nara.


Picture Name English Name Role
Jodie Starling
(Jodie Saintemillion)
Jodie Starling
(Jodie Saintemillion)
Ran's english teacher at one point, turns out to be an FBI agent in disguise.
James Black James Black High ranking FBI agent, Jodie's superior.
Shuichi Akai Shuichi Akai FBI agent, considered by Gin as his rival, and the "Silver Bullet" that could take down the Black Organization.
Andre Camel Andre Camel FBI agent, played a vital role in the protection of Mizunashi Rena.


Picture Name English Name Role
Hidemi Hondou (Kir) Hidemi Hondou An undercover CIA agent, also pretending to be TV reporter Rena Mizunashi.
Ethan Hondou Ethan Hondou Deceased CIA member who infiltrated the Black Organization. Hidemi and Eisuke's father.

Black Organization

Picture Name English Name Role
Anokata That Person The leader of the Black Organization.
Gin Gin
Melkior (manga, later changed to Gin)
Black Organization Member. High ranking executive member.
Vodka Vodka
Kaspar (manga, later changed to Vodka)
Black Organization Member. Often Gin's partner.
Vermouth Sharon Vineyard
Chris Vineyard
Black Organization Member. She is an actress and master of disguise. Considered the Boss' "favorite," and knows that Haibara and Conan are really Sherry and Shinichi.
Chianti Chianti Black Organization Member. Considered an excellent sniper.
Korn Korn Black Organization Member. Considered an excellent sniper.
Akemi Miyano Akemi Miyano Former Black Organization member, sister of Shiho Miyano, and the girlfriend of Shuichi Akai. She was killed by Gin for being a liability to the Organization.
Tequila Tequila Black Organization Member, originally trying to get programs and a list of the world's top programmers. Accidentally killed by a bomb.
Kenzo Masuyama (Pisco) Pisco An executive member of the Black Organization and a family friend of the Miyanos. His last assignment was to kill a politician. He was killed by Gin for getting caught in the act.
Calvados Calvados Black Organization Member, another sniper. Kills himself after Shuichi Akai disables him.
Rikumichi Kusuda Rikumichi Kusuda Member of the Black Organization, who pretends to be a patient in the hospital holding Kir. He commits suicide when his cover is blown.
Kichiro Numabuchi Cornelius Graver (anime)
Kichiro Numabuchi (manga)
Serial killer whom Conan runs into a few times. Former member of the Black Organization, who was the original test subject for APTX.
Yoshiaki Hara Zachary Hara Black Organization Member, a Movie 5 only character, he is a game programmer and computer hacker. He is killed by Gin.
Irish Irish Black Organization Member, a Movie 13 only character, he discovers Conan's identity as Shinichi. Killed by Chianti.
Generic Generic Former member of the Black Organization, who almost takes the APTX drug and searches for Haibara, but accidentally uses his own amnesia gas. From the Special Manga not written by Gosho Aoyama.

Magic Kaito

Picture Name English Name Role
Kaito Kuroba Kaito Kuroba High school student and magician. Son of world-renowned magician Toichi Kuroba. Aoko Nakamori's childhood friend, and love interest.
Kaitou Kid Phantom Thief Kid Secret identity of Kaito Kuroba. Magician and thief known to be "uncatchable".
Aoko Nakamori Aoko Fuller Kaito Kuroba's childhood friend, and love interest.
Saguru Hakuba Saguru Hakuba High school detective trying to catch Kaitou Kid
Akako Koizumi Akako Koizumi A witch who wants to seduce the Kaitou Kid. Her role in Detective Conan is a drastic difference from her role in the Magic Kaito manga.
Chikage Kuroba Chikage Kuroba Kaito's mother.
Keiko Momoi Keiko Momoi Aoko's friend and classmate.
Toichi Kuroba Toichi Kuroba Kaito Kuroba's deceased father. Once a world-renowned magician and the original Kaitou Kid.
Konosuke Jii Konosuke Jii Once Toichi Kuroba's attendant and friend, now Kaito's assistant.
File:Saguru's Housekeeper 60px.jpg Saguru's Housekeeper Governess Saguru Hakuba's caretaker and driver, whom he calls 'baaya.'


Picture Name English Name Role
"The Criminal" "The Criminal" A generic depiction taking the place of an unknown culprit.
Yoko Okino Yoko Okino Pop star who is worshipped by Kogoro.
Shizuka Hattori Shizuka Hartwell Heiji's mother.
Jirokichi Suzuki Jirokichi Sebastian Sonoko's Uncle, obsessed with embarrassing and outsmarting the Kaitou Kid.
Misae Yamamura Misae Mangum Misao Yamamura's grandmother, who sometimes gets involved in cases that he is working on.
Reiko Kujo Reiko Kujo A successful prosecutor and Eri's rival attorney. She only appears in the anime TV series.
Midori Megure Midori Meguire Inspector Megure's wife, who met him on an old case.
Natsuki Koshimizu Natsuki Koshimizu High School Detective of the South.
Ayako Suzuki Angie Sebastian Sonoko's older sister.
 Sera Unknown

A mysterious young girl that appears in chapter 768 of the manga. 

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Game Boy/Game Boy Color Detective Conan: The Underground Amusement Park Murder Case Detective Conan: The Suspicious Gorgeous TrainDetective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case •Detective Conan: Legend of the Treasure of Strange Rock IslandDetective Conan: The Cursed Sea Route
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DS Detective Conan: Detective Power TrainerDetective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Mistaken Tower SearchDetective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Meeting of Two Great DetectivesDetective Conan: The Blue Jewel's Rondo
Wii Detective Conan: The Mirage of Remembrance

Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation

 is a game for Nintendo Wii. This is the only Detective Conan video game so far to have been released in English in Europe but it has not been released yet in North America. 

Kogoro receives tickets to the grand opening of the Mirapolis complex and is unwittingly forced to take along Ran, Conan, and the Detective Boys. At the opening speech, tensions run high as the Mirapolis staff begin to let their past with the owner get the better of themselves. Soon after, Conan and Ai discover a body by the Mirapolis's pool. With a little help from Heiji, it's up to Conan to solve the murder and prevent anything else from happening.


Players control Conan who can either walk, run, or skateboard around the many hallways and rooms of the Mirapolis complex. Players need to gather information by talking to various people within the building which is then written down in a notebook for future reference. Once enough information is gathered, Conan can begin to piece together the truth by creating "links" and forming "clue chains". Perfect scoring during the game helps unlock bonus features like artwork.
For the player's convenience traveling around the Mirapolis is made easier by a handy teleportation option by selecting a floor from the in-game menu's map. This map also informs the player as to which characters are currently located on that floor.
The Mirapolis is home to a large arcade in its lower levels allowing the player to play mini-games including a version of Whack-a-Mole and an arcade shooter. Players can also try playing curling in the Mirapolis' ice rink.
The English release of the game has an option to change the audio back to its original Japanese, however the in-game text will still refer to the characters by their English names.

 Special 3:
Challenge to Kudo Shinichi: Riddle of the Mysterious Legendary Bird
    This story takes place 100 days before Kudo Shinichi became Edogawa Conan. Kudo Shinichi, a high school detective, arrives in Jugoya Town with Mori Ran and others.
In this town a legend exists, claiming that a gigantic bull-headed shrike attacks the townspeople and kills them. The town was about to hold a festival in 3 days to put the giant bird’s spirit to rest.
While being led on a tour of the bull-headed shrike Shrine by Sonoko’s parent’s friend, Mr. Wakura, a crime related to the legend occurs. Starting with Kosaka, member of the Wakura family are slowly murdered in the same way...

Main cast

Character Actors
Picture Name Picture Name Notes
Shinichi Kudo Junpei Mizobata Mizobata is the 2nd actor to portray Shinichi in live-action following Shun Oguri.
Ran Mouri Shiori Kutsuna Kutsuna is the 2nd actress to portray Ran in live-action following Tomoka Kurokawa.
Kogoro Mouri Takanori Jinnai Jinnai has portrayed Kogoro in all live-action adaptations.
Sonoko Suzuki Sayaka Akimoto Akimoto is the 2nd actress to portray Sonoko in live-action following Mayuko Iwasa.
She is also a member of the AKB48 idol group.
Eri Kisaki Nene Otsuka

Wakura Family


Special 2:
Return of Kudo Shinichi! Showdown with the Black Organization
  Conan attends a party for the "Miss Japanesque" awards, where he happens to eat a cake that temporarily transforms him back into Kudo Shinichi. While there, a murder takes place and he has to solve the case. The special will also feature the first live-action appearance of the Black Organization.



 Special 1:

Kudo Shinichi's Written Challenge 
   This tanpatsu celebrates the tenth year of this popular Japanese anime, originally a manga created by Aoyama Gosho. The story takes place when Shinichi was still a high school student. The talented young detective Kudo Shinichi receives a message: "I will kidnap one of your classmates during your class trip." Shinichi is going to find out the truth.